COVID19 Update

Updated 05/19/20

Dear Church Family,

As of May 24th, 2020, we are opening the church up for in-person worship once more. We praise God that He has enabled us to do so quickly and with every precaution for houses of worship that are recommended by the CDC. The decision to come back together for in-person worship though, is one that each family must make for itself. Let me share with you a few things that are extremely important.

First, every test from our church members/active visitors that we were awaiting results for, concerning COVID-19, has come back negative. Yes, it is true that many of our church members, teachers, and friends have lost family members – but, none of them live in Tucson except one former member. My desire to share these things with you comes out of a desire to be open, clear, and to make sure that we are taking this seriously for the benefit of each member of our church and person who enters to worship. If we follow the distancing requirements and practice good hygiene, we should be able to minimize the risk to our worshipers on Sunday. We have worked extremely hard to do all these things and pray that we will continue to do them out of a sense of love and value upon others and the work God has given us to do upon this earth.

Secondly, we have worked to minimize things that must be touched. We have installed “donation boxes” on both sides of the sanctuary; no plates will be passed. When the Lord’s Supper is observed, the deacons are prepared to wear gloves and walk the plates around so that your cup will only be touched by you. Also, we have greeters in masks opening the doors, and another greeter handing out masks for those that need one (thanks to our quilters in the church)!

Third, we are continuing to provide quality online services for those that would prefer to stay at home or who prefer to not worry about following the strict precautions. Our new camera has solved the sound issues, we pray that it is a blessing to you!

Because we have not found a way to do social distancing for all of our Bible Study classes with our space available, and we need to clean between services, we are not doing Sunday Morning Bible Study at this time. We have offered those classes not meeting online time during the week to meet with social distancing/safety precautions in place. If you would like to discuss this with me, please feel free to contact me at the office.

I understand that each person has a unique situation; therefore, please do not feel any pressure to come if you don’t feel you should. Several of you with small children, compromised immune systems, and special circumstances have told me that you will not be returning yet. You have my blessing and understanding. You may join us on Facebook Live or watch the sermons via our app or YouTube the next day.

Lastly – construction has started! The parking may be limited for the next 3 or 4 Sundays. We don’t know exactly how much, but we do know that the new solar/shade structures will disrupt our normal parking area on the north side of the church. The east parking on 3rd Avenue will be open for you. May God bless you and keep you completely safe and blessed.

In His Love and For the Glory of His Name,

Pastor Ed Eddingfield