07/08/18 The Family of God

fsbctucson Matthew

The Family of God Matthew 12:43-50 Temporary Benefits of Being with Jesus Are Wonderful! (Matthew 12:43) Temporary Benefits are Temporary! (Matthew 12:44-45) Earthly Relationships Were a Means to a Mission for Jesus. (Matthew 12:46-48) Eternal Relationships with Jesus Are Evidenced by Obedience. (Matthew 12:49-50)

07/01/18 The Best and the Worst

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The Best and the Worst Matthew 12:38-42 The “Worst” Sign (Fish Food) Got the Best Recognition (Openness) (Matthew 12:38-40) The “Worst” Preacher (Jonah) Got the Best Results (Repentance) (Matthew 12:41) The “Worst” Example (Solomon) Got the Best Regard (Seeking) (Matthew 12:42) The Best of God Has Come: His Sign, His Preaching, and His Wisdom (JESUS!)

06/24/18 A Test of the Heart

fsbctucson Matthew

A Test of The Heart Matthew 12:33-37 1.        Trees are Not Known by Their Orchard, but By Their Fruit. (Matthew 12:33) 2.        Inspecting the “Fruit” of One’s Mouth is an Efficient Test of One’s Heart. (Matthew 12:34-35) 3.        God’s “Fruit Inspection” Will Be Thorough and Final. (Matthew 12:36-37)

06/17/18 We Want You On Our Team!

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We Want You on Our Team! Matthew 12:15-32 1.        Jesus Is: a.        The Servant of God (Matthew 12:18a) b.        The Son of God (Matthew 12:18b) c.        The Sent of God (To All Nations) (Matthew 12:18c) 2.        Jesus Comes With: a.        Compassion and Humility (Matthew 12:19-20) b.        Clarity (Matthew 12:25-29) c.        The Call to Choose (Matthew 12:30-32)

06/10/18 Restoring the Heart of Worship

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Restoring the Heart of Worship Matthew 12:1-14 1. Jesus is Greater Than: a. David. (Matthew 12:3) b. The Priests. (Matthew 12:5) c. The Temple. (Matthew 12:6) d. The Law. (Matthew 12:7-8) 2. Jesus Restored the Purpose of the Sabbath! It Brings God the Glory! 3. Test Yourself: a. Do Your Actions Affirm the Value God Places Upon Mankind? (Matthew 12:9-11) …

06/03/18 Walking in Unity

fsbctucson Pastor Ken

Walking in Unity Ephesians 4:1-6   The church in Ephesus, to include the church today, is charged to live out traits that can only come from a life surrendered to follow the Lord. A life surrendered to the Lord, and living out the traits God desires, becomes one that is keeping the unity. The Apostle Paul keeps the discussion of …

05/27/18 The Church Has Left the Building

fsbctucson Pastor Ken

The Church Has Left the Building! Ephesians 3:1-20   As the church leaves the building, we must see the world as Jesus did and that His message of salvation is for everyone As the church leaves the building, we must see the world as Jesus did and share this message with our confidence in God. As the church leaves the …

05/20/18 Be an Insider

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Be an Insider Matthew 11:16-30 1. Some Will Always Find a way to Be “Outsiders.” (Matthew 11:16-19) a. They Won’t Be Happy, They Won’t Be Sad. (Matthew 11:16-17) b. They Find a Way to Complain and Reject Despite the Outcomes and Evidence. (Matthew 11:18-19) 2. God Reveals Himself to All; Repentance IS the Proper Response to Keep from Judgment. (Matthew …

05/13/18 Take Hold, Be Changed, and Be Blessed!

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Take Hold, Be Changed, and Be Blessed! Matthew 11:1-15 1. The Messiah Has Come and is Evidenced Through Testimony and Prophecy. (Matthew 11:1-6) 2. The “Messenger” Of the Messiah Has Come and Was Blessed. (Matthew 11:7-11a) 3. The Greatest Blessing Comes as One Takes Hold of the Kingdom, Believes, and Proclaims! (Matthew 11:11b-15)

05/06/18 Back in the Saddle Again


Back in the Saddle Again Acts 8:2-8 1. “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining,” Even When We Can’t See the Inside! (Acts 8:2-3; Romans 8:28; 1 Corinthians 13:12; James 1:2-4, James 1:12-14) Romans 8:28, We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose. 1 Corinthians 13:12, For …